How Hot Stamping Companies Produce Stamping Parts

Stamping refers to the process through which wooden parts, textile materials like cloth or leather are shaped by making use of wooden strips that have very thin surfaces. The manufacturing of Stamping Parts, therefore, does not require any kind of expertise or experience, but the end product is quite remarkable. Many people make use of Stamping Parts in their day to day business, and a large number of industries use Stamping in their production process. Auto manufacturers, for example, make use of Stamping Parts in the manufacturing of Radial Spherical Plain Brakes, Radial Cylinder Bearings and Cylinder Springs, which are used in most of their automobile models worldwide.

 Stamping has a variety of applications in the production of Stamping Parts, and the quality and accuracy of these products depends on the type of dies used. The basic types of dies are Die Cut, Die Press, Rotary Die, Graphic Die, Relief Die, Water Jet, Laser and Automatic Diecutting. Each of these has its own benefits and drawbacks, which need to be carefully weighed, before deciding upon the type of Stamping Part that needs to be produced. Usually, there are three methods through which Stamping Parts can be produced using the above mentioned dies:

 Die Cutting: In this process, metal stamps are made on the surface of a mold by using a die, and then the mold is raised after cutting has been done and is left to dry. This is a quick method, but does not give perfect results. The other disadvantage with Die Cutting is that it requires too much manual work and can take a long time to produce the required Stamping Parts.

 Die Press: This is another method of producing Stamping Parts, in which the dies are pressed against the desired surface, with the air or gas provided by the press acting as a pressure source. The Stamps are then raised and pushed into the mold, while being kept pressed until they completely dry up. This is a slow process and the result, though better than pressing by hand, is not as accurate as the other two processes.

 Rotary Die: This is the most popular method used by most stamping companies because it is economical and produces precision results. It also consumes a lot less time than the other two methods and uses a roller system for raising the stamps. The advantage with this is that the stamps can be easily changed when required, but the disadvantage with them is that the parts are more difficult to precisely align than with the other two methods. They are mostly used by jewelry industry to create complex geometries in their products. The printing process through hot stamping companies is also preferred over the other two because of the quality of the products they produce.

 In order to have the parts stamped exactly to your specifications, you need to choose the correct machine suitable for the type of product you want to create. As you know, there are various machines in the market, so you have to take the time to find the best one that will suit your needs and will produce the kind of results you are looking for. Only through a proper research you can come up with the right decision. Most importantly, you need to work with someone experienced in the stamping process so you know exactly how to set up the entire process to get the precise and correct results you are looking for.


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